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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Haycon Constructions an experienced concreter?
    Yes, we are a highly experienced team in concrete services. We are well versed in all concrete processes. With more than 10 years of experience in the construction industry, we know what it takes to construct concrete processes to a high standard of quality and within a budget.
  • How long until I can park on a new concrete driveway?
    We suggest waiting at least seven days after our professional team finished your concrete driveway before parking or driving your personal vehicle(s) on it.
  • Can a concrete driveway be repaired?
    Normally, concrete is replaced rather than repaired. Replacement lasts longer and does its job better. Depending on the age, size and degree of damage, however, repairs may be possible. In many cases, an area of a concrete surface can be removed and replaced.
  • Is concrete a good choice for Minnesota weather?
    Properly installed and maintained concrete surfaces hold up very well in Minnesota, despite our frigid winters. From driveways and patios to sidewalks and more, concrete works well in Minnesota and offers unique advantages.
  • How long will my concrete driveway take to build?
    That depends on the size, and complexity of your project. Typical concrete projects for residential use normally take 1-3 days of actual work. Curing time adds to the time required before new concrete can be used.
  • How soon can I use my new concrete driveway?
    While you can walk on your new concrete after just a couple of days, it will not develop its full strength until some time has passed. As a general rule, cars and other vehicles should stay off new concrete for a week.
  • Are concrete and cement the same thing?
    They are not the same thing although many use the terms interchangeably. Cement is used to make concrete. Cement is mixed with other things including water and it then turns into a mass that becomes hardened and is called concrete.
  • What is slump used for?
    Slump is the amount of water in concrete mix which shows its consistency. The lower the slump the dryer the mix will be. If water is added to the mix past what is specified, it can result in reduced strength and the possibility that the surface will deteriorate.
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